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Final Year Biotechnology Project for B. Tech., M.Sc., is offered at Jayagen Biologics

Jayagen Biologics is a multifaceted biotechnology company is offers final year student projects through its training division, primarily developing young minds to take up the industrial research as their career. We would offer biotechnology projects throughout year for developing industrial competency in the field of biotechnology and other allied sciences by culminating preloaded industrial ready manpower. We do accept people who come with project titles for their final year biotechnology projects. We always welcoming students biotech projects for societal needs that are answered with recent advancements of biotechnology and to be reflected from their inner spirit of innovative ideas. We provide a vibrant platform for developing their final year projects and projects ideas are to be come true, by providing erudite guidance and support. The training division offers an array of final year biotechnology projects topics to the final year biotechnology students and other biology students to pursue their final year research projects are follows:

» Agriculture Biotechnology
» Algal Biotechnology
» Biofertilizers
» Biofouling
» Biofuels
» Bioinformatics
» Biopesticides
» Bioplastics
» Bioremediation
» Biotechnology instruments invention
» Cloning and Expression Biology
» DNA Barcodes and Identification
» Drug Discovery
» Environmental Microbiology
» Enzyme Technology
» Ethnopharmacology
» Extremophiles Biotechnology
» Fermentation Technology
» Fungal Biotechnology
» Green Energy
» Herbal Technology
» Marine Actinomycetes
» Marine Bacteriology
» Marine Bioproducts
» Marine Microbial Ecology
» Marine Mycology
» Medicinal Chemistry
» Microbial secondary metabolites
» Molecular Characterization of Microbes
» Nanobiotechnology
» Natural Dyes and Microbial pigments
» Natural products discovery
» Nutraceutical Biotechnology
» Optimization and Characterization of Molecules
» Phytochemistry
» Probiotics
» Purification of bioactive metabolites
» rDNA Technology
» Single cell protein
» Strain improvements
» Therapeutic enzymes
» Other biotechnology areas of student interest

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